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Full Experience

Transformative journey, including mindset shifts, industry insights, and the process of bringing a startup from concept to reality.

1-1 mentoring

Guidance and support provided by experienced mentors to address the specific needs and challenges of each startup in the program.

Hands-on workshops

Interactive and practical training sessions designed to equip startups with essential skills and knowledge.

Experts in residence

Access to industry experts at our hub from Oradea Fortress who are available offer specialized guidance across technical, design, legal, and various other aspects crucial for the startup development.

Funding & Prizes

Financial support and recognition through monetary funding and prizes to help startups accelerate their growth and development.

Access to our network

Opportunities to connect with potential investors, experienced mentors, and a network of alumni, facilitating valuable partnerships and collaborations.

Co-working space

Exclusive access to a shared workspace in Oradea Fortress, to work, share ideas, and build a sense of community.

Covering living expenses

Financial support to cover essential expenses in Oradea, during the startup development process.

Bright Labs Incubator

The unique program designed to help first-time ambitious tech entrepreneurs from SEE take their bright ideas to market in 6 months!

2023 Curriculum

Validation Stage

problem framing

customer interviews


lean canvas

problem validation

risk priotitisation



Incubation Stage


Product vision

Strategy framework

Design sprint


Legal dilemas

Case studies


1:1 Mentorship

GTM strategy

Growth hacking

Product demo

Financial planning

Business model

Jobs to be done



Pricing model

Market positioning

Value proposition

Customer persona


Venture capital


Raising investments

Program Structure

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26th of February 2024

Registration opens

29th of April 2024

Registration closes

7th of May 2024

Pre-incubation stage begins

24th of June 2024

Incubation stage begins


Market Mapping




Business Modelling




Product Marketing


Investment Readiness

October 2024

Demo Day event

Bright Labs Incubator retrospective






mentoring hours

Perks Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about
Bright Labs Incubator

Who is eligible to apply for Bright Labs Incubator?

We are excited to empower anyone with a scalable startup idea and a fervent commitment to advancing it to the next level of growth.

How can I apply to the incubation program?

By completing the form in the preceding section. Our team will promptly reach out to you with additional information.

What kind of support does the incubation program offer?

1-1 mentoring
Hands-on workshops
Experts in residence
Funding & Prizes
Access to our investors, mentors and alumni network
Dedicated co-working space in Oradea
Covering expenses to build your startup from Oradea

How long does the incubation program last?

2 months for the Pre-incubation stage (online)
4 months for the Incubation stage (hybrid)

Is there a cost or equity requirement for participating startups?


What happens after the incubation period?

As a Bright Labs Incubator Alumni, you are part of our network, gaining permanent access to our communication channels, exclusive events, program managers and experts in residence, mentors and investors, and a vibrant connection with the local community.

Is the program limited to a specific geographic location?

Bright Labs Incubator welcomes participants from anywhere. However, please be aware that while some activities can be accessed remotely, 6 weeks of the incubation stage — including workshops, sprints, challenges — and the Demo Day event requires on-site participation in Oradea.

Can international startups apply?

YES, but keep in mind that while some activities can be accessed remotely, 6 weeks of the incubation stage — including workshops, sprints, challenges — and the Demo Day event requires on-site participation in Oradea.

Does the incubation program provide funding to participating startups?

After the pre-incubation stage, we conduct selection interviews from which we choose up to 15 startups to advance to the incubation stage. These selected startups will be awarded a 5k equity-free grant.
After successfully completing the program, graduates have the opportunity to apply for 'Get Funded,' a chance to secure an investment of up to 50k euros in exchange for equity.

Does the incubation program sign an NDA with the startups?


Top Mentors

Adrian Micu

Independent Financial Consultant

Alin Mercheș

Founder & CEO @Mobiversal

Ben Davies

Founder & CEO @Mobiversal

Cristian Tămaș

Co-Founder & CMO @TypingDNA

Daniel Andor

Founder & Lead Product Designer @Durran

David Achim

Executive Director @Make IT in Oradea

Emanuel Martonca

Pricing Strategist

Florin Capota

Senior Brand Designer @Blackboard

Gina Drăgulin

Product Marketing @Miro


Co-founder & CEO

Georgia Diaconescu

Product Marketing @what3words

Monica Obogeanu

Startup Programs Manager @Orange

Răzvan Comănici

Senior Brand Strategist @Blackboard

Răzvan Șuta

Business Development @Startup Wise Guys

Tudor Bîrlea

CEO & Founder @FreyaSense

Tudor Stanciu

CEO & Founder @FreyaSense

Vasilica Bob

Chief Product Officer @23FormBuilder

Vlad Sarca

Chief Product Officer @23FormBuilder

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