Our Mentors

Fractional CFO

Adrian Micu

As a Fractional CFO, Adi helps entrepreneurs get the clarity in finance they need to achieve their growth objectives faster. From determining funding requirements for the current round, to planning out funds for the next round, Adi helps founders create a roadmap to success while ensuring that they have the necessary tools to understand the viability and financial implications of their business model.

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Founder & CEO @Mobiversal

Alin Merches

Alin Merches is the co-founder and CEO of Mobiversal, a serial entrepreneur and a passionate to serve people and companies in this role, trying to lead them to being very influential in changing people lives for the better. In over 20 years of entrepreneurship he tried to leave a serious mark wherever he was involved, with interest in digitizing processes, increase productivity in companies and helping people become financially independent.

#Startups #BusinessDevelopment #Entrepreneurship #ProductBuilding

Founder & Lead Product Designer @Durran

Daniel Andor

Daniel Andor is the founder and Lead Product Designer of Durran, a digital product design agency. He specialized in helping startups validate their ideas in just a few days, solve complex business challenges, and design outstanding digital products faster by running Design Sprint workshops. Wanting to help, he gives back by coaching junior designers and gathering a local community where designers can learn and grow together.

#UX #UI #UserExperienceDesign #DesignSprint #Workshops

Executive Director @Make IT in Oradea

David Achim

David is a startup community builder, entrepreneur, and mentor. For the first 4 years after graduating Griffiths School of Management, he built 2 businesses and then took the challenge of growing Oradea’s tech and startups community. Currently, he is leading Make IT in Oradea, which aims to grow, attract, and fund startups in Oradea.

He loves to mentor fresh entrepreneurs, has a strong marketing background and enjoys playing classical guitar. He believes that the ultimate indicator of success is how we helped the people around us grow and achieve their potential!

#growthstrategies #businessmodelling #marketingstrategy

Pricing Strategist

Emanuel Martonca

A lot of people and companies Create Value with their work (services or products). But too often, the Value they Capture back from their clients and customers is much lower than the Value Created. It shouldn’t be like this, so I am trying to help as many people and companies right this imbalance.

#pricingstrategy #sales

Senior Brand Designer @Blackboard

Florin Capota

Florin is one of Blackboard’s founders, with an experience of over 11 years in logo design, having his work recognised and published in international publications like Logolounge, Logo Nest or Logo Talks.He is specialised in brand identity design where he correlates strategy with design to get to the core of businesses and translate those into brand experiences.


Product Marketing @what3words

Georgia Diaconescu

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Senior Brand Strategist @Blackboard

Răzvan Comănici

Razvan, Blackboard’s co-founder, is a brand strategist and copywriter. He explored a lot of creative industries till he ended up in the advertising space. His 10 years + experience in the advertising space is split throughout the years in various forms ranging from design, PR and communication and copywriting.

#brandstrategy #copywriting #PR

Business Development @Startup Wise Guys

Răzvan Șuta

After graduating from Aalborg University, Razvan co-founded Polisensio, a 3.5 years journey full of learnings as COO. On the side he has helped in shaping the startup ecosystem in Aalborg Denmark, as Managing Director and Board Member of Kickstart since 2016.For over 2 years now, Razvan has been working with Startup Wise Guys, Europe’s most active early-stage VC and startup accelerator with 300+ investments in its portfolio.

Within his mandate are business development activities in EU and Africa as well as managing programs, projects and various events.In a nutshell, internationally over 5 years as a founder, advisor, ecosystem builder, enabler and business consultant, SW & FUp Nights facilitator.

#brandstrategy #copywriting #PR

CEO & Founder @FreyaSense

Tudor Bîrlea

In the past 2 decades, Tudor, who is a double-qualified lawyer, founded and grew Digital2Law from the first client to double digit marketshare. He consulted with both unicorns and corporates on product strategy and customer insights. Following his postgrad research @Cambridge, he created an algorithm for understanding customer decision making (Freya Growth) and a Digital Talent Acquisition solution for startup founders (Freya Recruiting).

#strategy #customerinsights #growthmarketing

CEO & Founder @FreyaSense

Tudor Stanciu

Tudor is a co-founder Ventures’n’Law, a distributed legal organisation focused on providing legal solutions for SMEs, with a focus on digital & tech companies. He has experience in building communities, through initiatives like Fintech Camp and Bucharest Legal Hackers, and in creating and running an industry association, the Romanian Fintech Association.
Since 2017, Tudor has helped over 190 startups, scale-ups and established companies in raising investment, exiting, consolidating their intellectual property or handling personal data, and has given over 50 lectures on various legal aspects for tech companies.

#legal #privacy #gdpr

Chief Product Officer @23FormBuilder

Vasilica Bob

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